News | WMMTBOC 2023 Slovenia

We're mapping new terrains for WMMTBOC 2021


Organizing a World Championship is a serious thing. This is one of the reasons we're mapping new terrains for WMMTBOC 2021: almost 5000 km2 of new tracks, new terrain and attractive locations never raced before! 

Many of you who have visited Slovenia and Slovenj Gradec for our SGMTBO race organized every year, have a special place in your heart for our Dobrava forrest with beautiful tracks and some interesting spider nets. 

We need to warn you - you need to prepare some space in your heart for KOPE. Kope is part of POHORJE hill, about 1.200 - 1500m above sea level, a bit steep at the bottom, but quite gentle on the top. Covered with forrest and full of beautiful views is a popular spot for sport and relaxation in all seasons, there's also a Bike Park and Skiing Centre.     

One of the races will be organized in Komenda by OK Komenda, our partner in crime. Located beneath the picturesque Alps you'll defenitely enjoy the scenery and tracks!  

We promise, you'll love it!

Stay tuned!