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Official Championship MTB Jersey & T-Shirt - ORDER NOW


An official event T-Shirt is always a good idea and a good memory! 

Everytime you wear it, you remember the good times, laughter and moments that happened to you durig that particular event. Do not miss the opportunity to order a MTB Jersey or sport T-shirt or both! For all members of your club! 


How to order?

         -  Fill in the form - CLICK HERE TO ORDER 

          - Enter your name, email and size to order. 

          - You can order as many items as you want.

          - Make sure you specify correct sizes for every product.  

          - You can pay multiple items on the same bill.

          - You will get all important info regarding your order in
             your confirmation email. 

          - Order is available until 31. 03. 2023. 

          - To confirm order you need to pay until 02. 04. 2023.

           - Collect your order at the Competition Center in Slovenj Gradec