News | WMMTBOC 2023 Slovenia

December Coordination Meeting


After months of email and phone communication, Walter paid us a visit on a rainy winter Saturday and we had a very productive weekend. This time, all members of the organizing team were present and we introduced him with work in progress: updated on the races, terains, maps, locations, event venues, ... and everything we still have on our to-do list (wich is not that short!). 

Based on our meeting we're updating the Bulletin 1&2 that will be published on our website, event facebook page and IOF Eventor website


We're all doing our best, so Walter was very pleased with organization efforts so far. We will meet again in January.  

Final months to the competition will be busy. However, we are very excited and motivated to have everything ready until May 2023.   

And another important annoucement - entries will open on January 1st!  

Stay tuned!